The advantages of physical factors: a) physical factors are elements of the natural environment and not add to the organism is nothing alien. b) physical factors have sanogenic (health-improving) and…

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Animals are treated
Dogs and cats treated people According to statistics, people who live in the house a cat or a dog, less likely to turn to doctors. Do you have a tenant?…

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Traditional recipes of beauty: what every woman needs to know

This every woman needs to know when preparing care products for face and body at home.

It has long been no secret that the masks in home preparation of more useful and more effective. Plus, they are very easy to prepare and affordable. But not everyone knows how to cook, and actually, what foods are good for skin.

You should pay attention in the preparation of cosmetics according to popular recipes?

1. Before you do, think, do you have any allergies components. Even if it means all praise and you are allergic to any ingredient should not use it, you can always find a different method of care.

2. Homemade beauty products are not stored for a long time. For example, herbal infusions can be stored for more than 2 days, and the ice about a week (then it loses its healing properties).

3. Please note! Hair masks are made in a glass container, as the other is just going to provoke the reaction between the components. Yes, if you have porcelain, which can also be used.

4. As for herbal infusions, brew them in a porcelain bowl or an enamelled saucepan. Continue reading

10 ways to avoid diabetic complications

If you suffer from diabetes, then use the recommendations below to improve your condition.

1. Regularly visit your doctor

A diabetic should visit your doctor at least four times a year. Moreover, he should regularly check the level of sugar. kidneys, nerves and teeth. It is also important that every physician, to inform about the disease.

2. Monitor the sugar level

Constant monitoring of sugar levels can protect diabetics from the complications, such as severe neuralgia. Moreover, it is an effective method to assess how this group of food affects the body.

3. If necessary losing weight

It was noted that the decrease of extra pounds can help reduce sugar levels. In this regard, people with diabetes must follow an appropriate diet and to exercise regularly.

4. Carefully select the foods containing carbohydrates

People with diabetes do not have to give up carbs. Continue reading

Treatment of diseases of folk remedies, quickly and safely – Treatment of diseases

Various diseases


Here collected a variety of advice, tips and recipes for cancer prevention, breast cancer, uterus, cervix, lung, breast, stomach, skin, prostate, and other, as folk remedies, and alternative methods of cancer.

In the list below you will find recommendations for the prevention and treatment of cancer using simple, affordable and non-traditional methods. You know the answer to the question, is it possible to prevent okologie? You can also use a special diet and foods that protect against cancer. Trace elements vitamins. You will learn about 12 foods protect against cancer, as cancer is associated with stress and much more.

Often resorted to folk remedies people who for years were treated in traditional ways by doctors, but the disease has only worsened. Often to traditional medicine, patients suffering from cancer. And tellingly, many of them do live for a long time, although they uila cancer and some doctors predicted a quick death. Folk remedies effective, but remember that the healing in unconventional ways should be done only after consultation with your doctor from Oncology. Continue reading