Medicinal herbs and plants, description, collection and use
MEDICINAL PLANTS The herbal treatment originated in ancient times. Information about human use of the healing properties of medicinal plants were found in the most ancient written monuments of human…

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Folk treatment – traditional medicine
Throughout the history of mankind people used to treat illnesses home remedies and recipes. These traditional methods are time-tested, most effective of them passed down from generation to generation, from…

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ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE is the collective name, which in Russia is referred to as the medical systems of several countries, as well as methods of treatment and therapeutic systems, not otnosyaschiesya to common and unrecognized so-called “official” medicine. Nevertheless, some medical systems, such as Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Tibetan medicine have a much more profound and complex methods of treatment and rehabilitation of health. Their essence is that man is not seen as a piecemeal set of LEGO, where each cube treats a particular specialist, often independently of the other dice and specialist. On the contrary, man is considered as a single interrelated system of spiritual, energetichnogo and fizicheskogo plan. And spiritual plan is the highest and it most often and should start a complex of measures to restore health. Official medicine has reached great success in the field of emergency response, where speed is important and exact effect on a specific system or organ of the human body. In most cases it resembles a “Fast Food” of dubious quality, called as soon as possible to satisfy the need of man is to relieve the symptoms of the disease! It is to relieve symptoms, not to eradicate the disease, which in basinstoke went nowhere, but only is in remission to a certain point, when predisposing factors activate it again. In the modern civilized world, when spirituality is at the zero level, the energy potential is low and the body is literally poisoned by unhealthy habits and external factors not have to wait long. Currently, most practitioners recognize the ineffectiveness of drug therapy. Continue reading

Carefully fish pangasius.

CAREFULLY PANGASIUS. Appeared on the shelves called Bass or the sole.(Pangasius)

This fish originates from South America (Peru). There it is diluted for technical purposes. Fish meal from these fish is used for animal feed and fertilizer in agriculture. For food it wasn’t use.

In many countries in North America and in Europe this fish is not allowed to eat. Bass abounds with high levels of poisons, bacteria, heavy metals, hormones.

The reason is that the Mekong river (Vietnam), where most divorces this fish is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. In the Mekong merge raw water chemical and tanneries, sewage, fertilizers from fields.

If frozen fish is used the same water of the river Mekong. To accelerate the growth of fish (4 times) from China bring the hormones that are injected into the body of the females. The composition of hormones classified. And despite the demands of regulatory authorities for the quality of products Europe, manufacturers refuse to give these these hormones. Due to the relative low cost of this fish mainly it is bought by the poor.

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