Homemade beauty recipes - Folk remedies and folk recipes
Every woman at least once in your life try to make a mask or something similar for the face and body with their hands. Some people prefer to use the…

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Beauty recipes from different countries
The beauty recipes of Indian aloe Vera Ahava plays a big role in traditional medicine of South American Indians. Its juice (aloe Vera) contains a extremely pleasant cocktail for the…

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What’s the use of exotic feijoa?

In November, the stores appear unsightly to look at, but extremely tasty and flavorful fruit feijoa.

What’s the use?

Feijoa reminds of both pineapple and strawberries. However, contrary to popular opinion, the taste got feijoa from nature, and did not appear thanks to the scientists-breeders. Homeland feijoa – South America. And the unusual name of the plant received in honor of its discoverer, scientist Silva Feijo. It was he who discovered hitherto unknown shrub in the forests of Brazil and feijoa was brought to Europe. The Europeans immediately dubbed the pineapple guava strawberry tree, and then the plant has spread almost all over the planet. It turned out that feijoa feels good in the Caucasus, it grows in Georgia and Armenia, but the best are the fruits from New Zealand. This country is firmly in the world’s leaders in the cultivation and export of feijoa. New Zealand fruit larger than their counterparts on the continent there are no dangerous for feijoa pests, so the farmers no need to water the plants chemistry. However, from whatever profit the fruit of the strawberry tree, doubts in their favor there.

The main advantage of feijoa – the abundance of iodine. The content of this trace element overseas the fruit can compete even with seafood. Only 2-3 berries feijoa meet daily requirement of iodine for the organism. Continue reading

The system of pranic healing

Master Choa Kok Sui

New practical solutions to the problems of life and health

Effective technique, easy to learn and use.

About the founder

The merit of today’s opening of science of pranic healing and its development into a harmonious and complete system belongs to the modern teacher Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Master Choa Kok Sui, a spiritual Teacher, is the true embodiment of his teachings. Filipino of Chinese descent, he embarked on the path of spiritual development as a teenager. His profound wisdom is the result of the alchemy of his experience as an enlightened Teacher, chemical engineer, philanthropist, businessman and scientist. The system of pranic healing and was developed by Master Choa seminars on spiritual development are a distillation and synthesis of knowledge gained as a result of more than 20 years of research and experiments. Continue reading


ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE is the collective name, which in Russia is referred to as the medical systems of several countries, as well as methods of treatment and therapeutic systems, not otnosyaschiesya to common and unrecognized so-called “official” medicine. Nevertheless, some medical systems, such as Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Tibetan medicine have a much more profound and complex methods of treatment and rehabilitation of health. Their essence is that man is not seen as a piecemeal set of LEGO, where each cube treats a particular specialist, often independently of the other dice and specialist. On the contrary, man is considered as a single interrelated system of spiritual, energetichnogo and fizicheskogo plan. And spiritual plan is the highest and it most often and should start a complex of measures to restore health. Official medicine has reached great success in the field of emergency response, where speed is important and exact effect on a specific system or organ of the human body. In most cases it resembles a “Fast Food” of dubious quality, called as soon as possible to satisfy the need of man is to relieve the symptoms of the disease! It is to relieve symptoms, not to eradicate the disease, which in basinstoke went nowhere, but only is in remission to a certain point, when predisposing factors activate it again. In the modern civilized world, when spirituality is at the zero level, the energy potential is low and the body is literally poisoned by unhealthy habits and external factors not have to wait long. Currently, most practitioners recognize the ineffectiveness of drug therapy. Continue reading