Traditional medicine
Introduction The problem of improving potency, it is highly relevant today, bothered men since time immemorial. Therefore, in the recipes of traditional medicine has accumulated many tools and ways to…

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Soda bath cellulite – traditional recipes of beauty
Only twenty minutes in a soda bath, will not just get rid of a few pounds of excess weight, calm your mind by eliminating negative emotions, but also to normalize…

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Carefully fish pangasius.

CAREFULLY PANGASIUS. Appeared on the shelves called Bass or the sole.(Pangasius)

This fish originates from South America (Peru). There it is diluted for technical purposes. Fish meal from these fish is used for animal feed and fertilizer in agriculture. For food it wasn’t use.

In many countries in North America and in Europe this fish is not allowed to eat. Bass abounds with high levels of poisons, bacteria, heavy metals, hormones.

The reason is that the Mekong river (Vietnam), where most divorces this fish is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. In the Mekong merge raw water chemical and tanneries, sewage, fertilizers from fields.

If frozen fish is used the same water of the river Mekong. To accelerate the growth of fish (4 times) from China bring the hormones that are injected into the body of the females. The composition of hormones classified. And despite the demands of regulatory authorities for the quality of products Europe, manufacturers refuse to give these these hormones. Due to the relative low cost of this fish mainly it is bought by the poor.

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Treatment in Vietnam.

Center for traditional medicine “White Lotus”.

But did You know that Nha Trang is not only the Spa capital of the country, but also “Sovietrussia health resort”? It’s not just the deposits of curative mud . You, probably, have heard, and perhaps even already been there, but in the centres of traditional Oriental medicine.

Traditional Oriental medicine originated in the territory of modern Vietnam, which in those days was part of South China. The modern division into China and Vietnam at that time did not exist. But it is on the territory of modern Vietnam grow medicinal plants that constitute the basis of many drugs of traditional Chinese medicine, as widely known in the world. The Chronicles indicate that, often, the Vietnamese doctors were court doctors of Chinese emperors. So, in fact, correct to speak not “Chinese medicine” and ” Oriental medicine “.

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Green tea benefits and healing properties.

There are many narrations that speak of the origin of green tea. The birthplace of tea consider southwest China. The discovery of tea is attributed to the healer Shen, Nunu, in the proceedings and referred to this drink. Initially tea was used in the sacrificial rites, later the Emperor presented them to the dignitaries as a token of mercy. Soon tea became the national drink in China, and there was a whole culture of tea drinking.

The Portuguese and the Dutch brought tea drink to Europe after traveling in China. In England for a long time it was too expensive for public consumption, and at first he was able to drink only men in the tea cafes. Later and women as well as men could drink tea in public. In France, some time tea was a more expensive drink than coffee. Were invented special tea rooms that still exist. In one all agree – its good taste and undeniable quality.

Currently this plant is cultivated in more than 20 countries of Asia, Africa and South America. The Botanical name of the tea Bush, Camelia Sinensis*. All varieties of black, green or white tea are made from this In the tea include tannins, essential oils, alkaloids, amino acids, pigments, vitamins, resinous substances and organic acids. Continue reading