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Beauty recipes from different countries

The beauty recipes of Indian aloe Vera

Ahava plays a big role in traditional medicine of South American Indians. Its juice (aloe Vera) contains a extremely pleasant cocktail for the skin of active substances of the enzymes, mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins A, b and E.

It primarily helps with sunburn or severely dry skin – you need to make a cooling mask with aloe Vera gel . Apply a layer about 1 mm thick and, while we can, repeatedly humidified aerosol with thermal water. After half an hour, remove the remnants with a damp cloth and apply a moisturizer.

Asian beauty recipes – rice, tea, massage

Chinese green tea

Use Chinese tea for skin beauty of your face.

To brew strong green Chinese tea . Then freeze it in ice in the morning and RUB this ice face. Be careful – when the problem blood vessels on the face not to do so.

And, of course, use green tea in the traditional way: daily drink 2-3 cups of green tea.

Just brew the tea according to the rules. Enzyme, mineral and hormone-like substances make it an ideal drink to maintain your beauty.

Oriental acupressure

Roller back massager – rapid alternative to Asian acupressure massage. Get yourself this massager and do not be lazy to use– ideally every day. Just along and across the wood RUB the tape back and shoulders. It stretches tight muscles, stimulates and restores the circulation and Dermalogica. This is best done after a warm shower or bath.

For the face use of Japanese massage Shiatsu . First will be a little difficult to master a technique to remember the order of operations. But already in 3-4 days everything will turn out pretty slick, but the face of such massage literally transforms. Have you ever noticed how youthful and well-groomed look even a middle-aged Japanese women? Here are detailed instructions on how to do Japanese Shiatsu face massage video .