Folk treatment – traditional medicine
Throughout the history of mankind people used to treat illnesses home remedies and recipes. These traditional methods are time-tested, most effective of them passed down from generation to generation, from…

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Giardiasis - the people's medicine
Methods of treatment folk remedies What is lialios? Giardiasis is a parasitic infection antropos, which, as a rule, is asymptomatic parazitonositelstvo. May manifest as dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and…

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Animals are treated

Dogs and cats treated people

According to statistics, people who live in the house a cat or a dog, less likely to turn to doctors. Do you have a tenant? If not, definitely start. Imagine you come from work and you with a sincere joyful barking greeted by the dog and your “home therapist” affectionately rubs against his feet. And, believe me, the thought of the trouble will evaporate. In addition to the thrill of these Pets, they are also treated against various diseases.

What diseases humans treat cats

To begin, consider all cases related to human health, when a cat can be useful.

Irritability — the cat is able to remove the condition. A neurosis. High blood pressure — your pet will lower it. Various heart disease. Diseases of the stomach: ulcers or gastritis. Colds. Headache.

Moreover, cat will not only help, but also can easily recognize, where you have a sore.

How the cat treats?

Remember: never hit a cat, if you want to become your friend, otherwise will not heal.

If the cat suddenly went to your chest or belly, beginning of legs to walk, as if massaging, do not rush to chase. Thus, it takes the negative energy that radiates your sick body. And if this still and purrs. the effect will be better. Purring koskipanimo to boost immunity to many viruses.

I would like to warn that, if the cat decided in your lap to lie down, then do not worry. This does not mean that you are necessarily sick. She lies calmly, just to Pat a cat. Will have a positive effect on the entire body.

What are the ailments treated dogs

In those families where they keep the dog, the household less susceptible to such diseases as:

depression; heart disease; colds; high blood pressure; diabetes; headache; tachycardia.

How is the dog treated?

First . Dog can detect impending disease. She begins to look worried and tries to draw the attention of the owner. What is required of you? Just to caress and pet the animal.

Second . The dog may even do a back massage, just need to teach her this with the help of training.

Actually, just walking the dog every day, you also benefit your health.

The conclusion: Pets, whether cat or dog, rabbit or hamster, by his presence treat people. Do not hurt them, but love and friends with their Pets. Kitty you will be cured, but the dog will warn about the disease.