What's the use of exotic feijoa?
In November, the stores appear unsightly to look at, but extremely tasty and flavorful fruit feijoa. What's the use? Feijoa reminds of both pineapple and strawberries. However, contrary to popular…

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Animals are treated
Dogs and cats treated people According to statistics, people who live in the house a cat or a dog, less likely to turn to doctors. Do you have a tenant?…

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Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine studying medical properties of physical factors and develops methods of their use for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

In the physiotherapy SPb SBHCI HPC number 4 provides the following physiotherapeutic methods:

Light therapy or Phototherapy (from the Greek. “Photos”-light and”therapy”-treatment) – the use for therapeutic purposes artificially produced infrared energy optical region of the spectrum. Bactericidal properties of UV radiation are used in dermatology for the treatment of pustular skin diseases, infected wounds, psoriasis etc.

Contraindications: malignant neoplasms, inclination to bleeding, systemic blood diseases, active tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, peptic ulcer, essential hypertension II and III stages.

Light therapy device in the BIOPTRON light has biostimulative effects: when exposed to the skin, there is stimulation of light sensitive cellular structures. Used in pyoderma, herpes zoster, nonhealing wounds, inflammatory infiltrates, microbial eczema.

Laser therapy is the application in therapeutic uses of laser radiation of low intensity ultraviolet visible and infrared spectrum radiation. Clinically laser irradiation clearly has an expressed stimulating, anti-inflammatory,antiedematous, antiinflammatory and analgesic action.

Ultrasonic therapy and phonophoresis (application of ointments prescribed by a doctor) has a vasodilatory effect, improves local blood circulation, microcirculation, increasing blood and lymph flow, reduces spasms of the capillaries and venous stasis.

Galvanization and medicinal electrophoresis is a common technique (collar on Shcherbak). The mask bergon’e when rosali, keloid scars (lydasum). Contraindications: neoplasms, acute, inflammatory, purulent processes, systemic blood diseases, hypertension, pregnancy, eczema, violation of the integrity of the skin, tendency to bleeding.

D,arsonvalization is used for focal and diffuse alopecia, psoriasis volosistoj part of the head (adults and children), oily smooth skin,non-healing wounds.

Magneto-infrared-laser apparatus MILTA – used in dermatology for years. MIL-therapy improves the dynamics of the process, helps restore the immune system,accelerates the regeneration of damaged areas.

Magnetotherapy – is a method of therapeutic effects on the patient’s body alternating or pulsating low-frequency magnetic field or DC magnetic field. Magnetic fields have analgesic effect in chronic pain, especially inflammatory nature,enhance regenerative processes in damaged tissues.