Traditional healers methods of treatment of diseases
Every city has its bright folk healers who help sick, suffering people. These people, as they themselves claim, are intermediaries, i.e. through prayer, with faith in God you can overcome…

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Old folk recipes of beauty
Popular recipes that never lose their relevance and value. And, even today, among the masses of cosmetics, we often choose the simple and affordable recipes for skin care face, hair,…

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Treatment in Vietnam.

Center for traditional medicine “White Lotus”.

But did You know that Nha Trang is not only the Spa capital of the country, but also “Sovietrussia health resort”? It’s not just the deposits of curative mud . You, probably, have heard, and perhaps even already been there, but in the centres of traditional Oriental medicine.

Traditional Oriental medicine originated in the territory of modern Vietnam, which in those days was part of South China. The modern division into China and Vietnam at that time did not exist. But it is on the territory of modern Vietnam grow medicinal plants that constitute the basis of many drugs of traditional Chinese medicine, as widely known in the world. The Chronicles indicate that, often, the Vietnamese doctors were court doctors of Chinese emperors. So, in fact, correct to speak not “Chinese medicine” and ” Oriental medicine “.

Center for traditional medicine “White Lotus” is by far the leader in this field. It is practiced by the best specialists of the country, and the prices are 2-3 times lower than in similar centers in Russia. Although, “similar” centre in Russia to find it will be very difficult.

Chief doctor of “White Lotus” – Dr. Locke – the successor of the famous dynasty of Vietnamese doctors. His great-grandfather worked in the Imperial dorev Beijing. Dr. Lok is a recognized specialist in the treatment of spinal and musculoskeletal disorders . It uses the developed by him methods, which return to normal life the most otchaivatsya patients.

Medical Director of the center, “White Lotus” – doctor of the 2nd category, or, using the usual terminology, Professor Ming – one of the best students a student of Professor Thu . Vice-President of the world Association of acupuncturists.

All the specialists of the “White Lotus” have specialized medical education and regularly improve their professional level. They have already helped so many people. I hope they will be able to help You. The center employs highly qualified translators.

Treatment in Italy

The mild climate of the seaside of Italy, not the first century is considered to be curative for various forms of diseases of the respiratory system