ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE is the collective name, which in Russia is referred to as the medical systems of several countries, as well as methods of treatment and therapeutic systems, not otnosyaschiesya…

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Homemade beauty recipes - Folk remedies and folk recipes
Every woman at least once in your life try to make a mask or something similar for the face and body with their hands. Some people prefer to use the…

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Carefully fish pangasius.

CAREFULLY PANGASIUS. Appeared on the shelves called Bass or the sole.(Pangasius)

This fish originates from South America (Peru). There it is diluted for technical purposes. Fish meal from these fish is used for animal feed and fertilizer in agriculture. For food it wasn’t use.

In many countries in North America and in Europe this fish is not allowed to eat. Bass abounds with high levels of poisons, bacteria, heavy metals, hormones.

The reason is that the Mekong river (Vietnam), where most divorces this fish is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. In the Mekong merge raw water chemical and tanneries, sewage, fertilizers from fields.

If frozen fish is used the same water of the river Mekong. To accelerate the growth of fish (4 times) from China bring the hormones that are injected into the body of the females. The composition of hormones classified. And despite the demands of regulatory authorities for the quality of products Europe, manufacturers refuse to give these these hormones. Due to the relative low cost of this fish mainly it is bought by the poor.

Noticed that eating fish Bass lead to liver damage, blood disorders,damage to internal organs.

In connection with the prohibition of the sale of fish Bass in many European countries, Canada, America, unscrupulous businessmen add fish Bass in the so-called crab sticks and other “culinary products”


Regulatory organization for the quality of food is not recommended to eat fish Bass and all derivatives.


The purchase price of this fish in Viet Nam is 0.01$ ie, 0,01×50 rubles = 50 cents.

And forgot about”Agay;HT About;Rani”, Agent orange (eng. Agent Orange) — a mixture of defoliants and herbicides synthetic origin. Was used by the British army during the War in Malaya and the American army in the Vietnam war from 1961 to 1971 in the framework of the program for the destruction of vegetation “Ranch Hand”.

(CAUSES CANCER and other abnormalities in the body)