Medicinal herbs and plants, description, collection and use
MEDICINAL PLANTS The herbal treatment originated in ancient times. Information about human use of the healing properties of medicinal plants were found in the most ancient written monuments of human…

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Treatment of diseases of folk remedies, quickly and safely - Treatment of diseases
Various diseases Prevention Here collected a variety of advice, tips and recipes for cancer prevention, breast cancer, uterus, cervix, lung, breast, stomach, skin, prostate, and other, as folk remedies, and…

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Vanity. Healing

The Servant Of God, L.!

And we live here in the monastery, where all and in all obey monastic Charter, including in food.

And this seems to be because food does not commend us to God and does not remove.

To me Your problem is not solve, for I have blessed Your wisdom, not I and resolve Your embarrassment.

I here our parish priest in my early youth gave a lesson for life — the pious people arranged the Wake for my mom and made a mistake in the days: on Friday I prepared small, I was 6 years old, and I, like You now, tried to avoid partaking of food until one of grandma remembered that today is Friday and not announced to the house the reason for my behavior. So our priest the other day talked to me and taught me what it means — I desire mercy, not sacrifice. And so the priest was a man of God and knew how to love God and people. Umudi You Lord!

Dear L. A.!

Received as a gift a book with Your illustrations.

Thank you!

But what was my surprise and chagrin when I saw that my name You set yourself and Victor Hugo in the co-authors, writing in his Preface.

Dear L. A. I’m not a writer and not an artist, I am a priest; and I think that everyone should do before God his business. I categorically refuse any PI was complicity in Your work.

To bless chelovekami his request to work and to pray for him is my duty, of a pastor, but everything else — the choice of the person and his responsibility before God and people.

Very much like Your desire to hide behind the name “eminent father” on almosto. Pardon the expression. But otherwise I can’t understand why You need this advertisement and link to an authority who is not?

Return the book to You with deep sorrow and regret that is lost in people the concept and the taste for spiritual communion, substituting all advertising, rumble and noise that has nothing to do with the spiritual.

Can’t you be called a slave of God!