Treatment of diseases of folk remedies, quickly and safely - Treatment of diseases
Various diseases Prevention Here collected a variety of advice, tips and recipes for cancer prevention, breast cancer, uterus, cervix, lung, breast, stomach, skin, prostate, and other, as folk remedies, and…

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Medicinal plants and herbs for health
Group COUGH MEDICINE HERBAL (suitable for pregnant women and children) *** Take the flowers of calendula medicinal, herb and eucalyptus herb medicinal sage in equal parts. Flowers and herbs must…

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Traditional recipes of beauty. Flowers and cosmetics

It’s no secret that a large number of plants used as folk cosmetics at all occasions.

For skin

For acne on the face use following extract: St. John’s wort (part 1) pour boiling water (5 parts) and left overnight. Then wipe the face of such a tincture. It helps to heal inflammation, soothes irritated skin, disinfects and has an astringent effect.

To relieve irritation and eliminate inflammation on the face also used calendula tincture mixed with water (1:10). Also, in order to remove the irritation on the skin cosmetics desheli.

If the facial skin is excessively oily, you can use the masks from a grass zveroboja, leaves and stems mother and stepmother, marigold flowers and sorrel. Mask of these colors and have disinfectant and anti-inflammatory action, dry skin.

If the skin, on the contrary, is dry, will help to moisten it masks their lime blossom, mint leaves, roses, chamomile flowers or rose hips.

Contains chamomile oil contains azulene. Azulene, in turn, has a large list of useful qualities. This anti-inflammatory effect and analgesic effect. Therefore, an infusion of chamomile for cosmetic purposes is used after an unsuccessful adoption of solnechnykh, burns and diaper rash.

Flowers for hair

If to chamomile add sage, plantain leaves, sprigs of nettle and oregano (all in equal parts), 1 tbsp. l. mixture, pour a glass (250 ml) of hot water, leave for 12 hours and strain, will available to every woman the means to strengthen hair. To the strained liquid add the pulp of black or grey bread to get mushy mask. The mixture covers the entire scalp, making massage movements, then cover with cling film and a warm scarf (scarf). Keep the mask on the hair about one and a half hours. Rinse with plain water without special equipment. Be sure to dry your hair without using a hair dryer, naturally.

To strengthen the hair is also suitable recipe, where the oak bark, husk, left over from peeling onions, in equal proportions filled with one liter of hot water, boiled 1 hour. When broth has cooled, it should be rinsed off the hair, cover your head with cling film and roll up a warm scarf. Rinse after 2 hours with water without shampoo, to dry hair in the air, without a dryer.

With hair loss, dryness and weakness of the roots, a simple folk method. Need calendula tincture (about 1 teaspoon) mix with a glass of water to make a mask, concentrating on the scalp and hair roots.

To strengthen the roots and stop hair loss will help and this mix: ground dried burdock root (20 g.) and dried flowers of calendula (10 g.). The composition to boil for 20 minutes in half a liter of purified water. Strain the decoction and rinse your hair 2 times a week.