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10 ways to avoid diabetic complications

If you suffer from diabetes, then use the recommendations below to improve your condition.

1. Regularly visit your doctor

A diabetic should visit your doctor at least four times a year. Moreover, he should regularly check the level of sugar. kidneys, nerves and teeth. It is also important that every physician, to inform about the disease.

2. Monitor the sugar level

Constant monitoring of sugar levels can protect diabetics from the complications, such as severe neuralgia. Moreover, it is an effective method to assess how this group of food affects the body.

3. If necessary losing weight

It was noted that the decrease of extra pounds can help reduce sugar levels. In this regard, people with diabetes must follow an appropriate diet and to exercise regularly.

4. Carefully select the foods containing carbohydrates

People with diabetes do not have to give up carbs. They can take a full foods that contain complex carbohydrates that give the body energy for a long time.

5. Limit salt intake

It is believed that there is a relationship between diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension. Limiting the amount of salt in the diet can timetomarket blood pressure. This component can be replaced with herbs and spices that do not contain salt.

6. Get enough sleep

Insufficient sleep during the night may increase the appetite for foods high in simple carbohydrates. This is very important, you need to spend on sleep at least 7 hours.

7. Be active

The most frequent type of complications of diabetes is diseases of the cardiovascular system. Because of this, the diabetic must regularly take care of physical activity (swimming, dancing, running and other.), as this has a significant impact on reducing the possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases.

8. Stress management

Severe stress can cause a diabetic rise in the level of glucose in the blood. So you should learn the secrets of combating this unfavorable symptom, and every day find time to rest.

9. Watch out for injuries

Diabetes mellitus is observed predisposition to infection and slowing down the process of tissue regeneration. Even the slightest scratch can result in a serious complications for health.

10. Give up Smoking

People with diabetes, cigarette smokers die than people who do not. Quitting Smoking has a beneficial effect on the heart and lungs. It can also decrease the possibility of stroke, heart attack, or kidney disease.