What treatment folk remedies will be effective for varicose veins on legs?
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The advantages of physical factors: a) physical factors are elements of the natural environment and not add to the organism is nothing alien. b) physical factors have sanogenic (health-improving) and…

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Soda bath cellulite – traditional recipes of beauty

Only twenty minutes in a soda bath, will not just get rid of a few pounds of excess weight, calm your mind by eliminating negative emotions, but also to normalize the activity of the lymphatic system thereby improving metabolism.

In addition to all that, soda baths have:

• Anti-cellulite effect on the skin, because in the process of taking such bath cleaned the deep layers of the epidermis;

• Softening and soothing effect on tired skin, enough a single dose of soda bath to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft;

• The ability to normalize the metabolism, as a result is the cleansing of the body, and problem areas of your body lose a few inches;

• Soothing action on the nervous system.

Recipe soda baths

As stated earlier, a soda for cellulite is often used in the form of special therapeutic baths. Wanting to significantly reduce the “orange peel”, to prepare the bath will need several essential components.

So, the recipe is simple: take baking soda (200 g) and sea salt (up to 400 g), then dissolve them in hot water. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil. orange, grapefruit or tangerine.

Cooked submitted recipe soda bath in resultsfocused not just effective, but pleasant and extremely fragrant. As a rule, the duration of such a bath does not exceed more than 15 minutes, there is no need to rinsed after it and wipe dry. The best solution would be a wrap, and healthy sleep.

For best results, take is prepared on the basis of baking soda baths are recommended in a day. The complete course of treatments will allow to obtain excellent results in just a month can greatly reduce the amount of “orange peel” or get rid of it altogether.

Soda bath – contraindications

Unfortunately, like other tools, soda cellulite also has some contraindications. For this reason, if you do not wish to harm their own health, pay special attention to such important points which will protect you from possible serious consequences.

In short, from soda baths it is advisable to opt for people suffering from varicose veins. gynecological problems and diseases of the cardiovascular system and skin. This procedure is contraindicated for pregnant women and girls.

Now you know how to eliminate the “orange peel” through a soda bath. Do not forget about the existing contraindications and can safely prepare a pleasant evening, enjoying the acceptance of the treatment bath filled with all the necessary components.

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