Folk treatment – traditional medicine
Throughout the history of mankind people used to treat illnesses home remedies and recipes. These traditional methods are time-tested, most effective of them passed down from generation to generation, from…

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Stevia folk medicine for diabetes bags
I'd removed the bridge. Besides the obvious cosmetic benefits of replacing your daily makeup, replaced or no longer benefits, but also becomes a cause of death, to bring this card.…

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What treatment folk remedies will be effective for varicose veins on legs?

If you have varicose veins on legs treatment of folk remedies can be an effective solution to the problem. However, in severe cases without the aid of a physician is indispensable. The most important rule is: start treatment of the disease comprehensively. Combine all sorts of compresses and lotions with the recommended diet and physical activity. Useful exercises:

climbing stairs;

walking barefoot;

walking on eggshells and just walk.

Several times during the day, get up on tiptoe, and stoop sharply on the heel. Get in the habit of sitting so that the legs can be lifted as high as possible. Raise your lower limbs up and just shake them. Any such activity will be useful, however, to thus cure the varicose veins impossible. As for the food, eat more lemon, tomatoes, honey, onions, garlic, salad of dandelion leaves, buckwheat. About the most effective able treatment of varicose veins.

If you have swollen lower leg, you have muscle cramps and varicose veins, wash and skip through the grinder buckwheat. Eat the mixture every day for one tablespoon, add to meals and salads. This preventive narodnichestvo.

Effective to use Vishnevsky Ointment. RUB her lower limbs, wrap them with leaves of burdock, and from top to wear warm tights. Do not rinse composition for three days. Heal ointment each week, with a break in the day.

Compresses against varicose veins can be made from clay. Dilute the composition to a condition of sour cream, spread a thick layer of swollen veins, and fasten with a bandage or plastic bag. The thickness of the layer should be about 1.5 inches. The cost of clay is small, and you can buy it at any pharmacy. write a composition for 3-4 hours. Repeat on a regular basis.

Lubricate the affected areas of your body six percent Apple cider vinegar. Also take 20 drops three times a day. “Blue” on the legs can be removed with tincture of celandine – also drink it three times a day, 10 drops. Stone feet lilacs, burdock and grass succession.

One of the most famous folk remedies against varicose veins is horse chestnut. Use leaves, fruits and flowers to create compresses. Some doctors suggest to get rid of the problems with tomatoes. Keep them on the disease damaged areas need no less than 3 hours. Is able to help the honey and wormwood. Mix them with yogurt, and the resulting composition apply to the feet for a few hours. Do compress 5 days in a row then need a break.