Traditional Chinese medicine
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Age spots: treatment of folk remedies
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Giardiasis – the people’s medicine

Methods of treatment folk remedies

What is lialios?

Giardiasis is a parasitic infection antropos, which, as a rule, is asymptomatic parazitonositelstvo. May manifest as dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and biliary dyskinesia.

Lamblike intestinalis is called the (simple celled) which exists in vegetative and cystic forms. Habitat vegetative forms small intestine of man. For the formation of cysts Giardia descend into the small intestine. Where the cysts in the environment with the feces. In the external environment due to the Giardia cyst can survive for long they will persist until they reach the new macro. In the aquatic environment and up to two months. When ingested by man more than ten cysts to cause the contamination.

Lambliosis the infection most often affects children especially from one year to four. Because the mode of transmission fecal-oral giardiasis is considered a disease of dirty hands. To prevent infection you should instill in your child the rules of personal hygiene and to protect food from flies.

To humans get Giardia from raw water, unwashed fruits, berries and vegetables, other foods that are not amenable to heat treatment.


In most infected people are asymptomatic giardiasis. The latent period from one to three weeks. The disease begins acutely. Liquid with an unpleasant odor stool, mixed with fat, smenyayutsya constipation. Nachinajutsja in the abdomen, rumbling, belching appears. the insufflation of the intestine. Patients complain of nausea, loss of appetite, some patients may occur vomiting and fever.

This continues throughout the week.

Then in most cases, all symptoms disappear and the disease gradually passes into a chronic form. In patients with intermittent swelling and pains in abdomen, sometimes loose stools, but much less frequently. Patients showed signs of the deficiency – pale skin, allergic rashes, perleches corners of the mouth, sometimes there is a loss, blueness under the eyes.


In the case of a survey designed stool with a microscope may detect cysts, in liquid stools, cysts and trophozoites (the vegetative form).

Treatment, which is used in folk medicine

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Banana peel Popular recipes of folk medicine
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