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As Judaism refers to alternative medicine?

Shalom! I got the advice to consult a specialist to open “centers of energy” (mercasa energy). How Judaism relates to such procedures? And how to know that the people who are doing this? Sincerely, Anna

Answers Rav Yakov Shub

Thank you very much for Your question. You must know that many modern methods of alternative medicine and Wellness have their origins in Buddhism, Taoism or Hinduism. Therefore, using them in original form in most cases forbidden, because there are problems with idolatry. This applies also to the method of healing by balancing energy centers called “chakras”. However, in certain cases, if you are able to separate the health aspect from the so-called “spiritual” aspect, to use these methods of treatment will be allowed.

Here’s some General provisions, in some cases, there may be problems in terms of idolatry. These provisions apply to all methods of alternative medicine of this kind.

1. If during the lessons there are various images associated with idolatry.

2. If during class you must say various statements associated with idolatry, such as”mantras”, etc.

3. If the front of the room, where there are classes, it is necessary to worship.

4. In certain cases there may be problems with some kinds of music that accompanies the lessons.

5. There may be problems with some kinds of incense that burn during exercise.

6. If the principle in accordance with which the treatment has no rational explanation in some cases this can be problematic in terms of idolatry, and in most cases it is an indication that you are deceived.

7. These provisions remain in force even if the person who conducts the classes, is not mentioned means for the purpose of idolatry, but only in order to create a certain atmosphere in the classroom.

8. Often You can say that such knowledge could also be found in Judaism, and there is no problem with using them. Don’t believe those statements, because even if such knowledge is there really in Judaism, they have nothing to do with what You will present there.

It turns out that to engage in modern methods of alternative medicine is allowed only if the health aspect is completely separate from the “spiritual”, which is associated with idolatry. It is advisable to do it under the guidance of a specialist who observes the Torah and has an idea about these problems.