The advantages of physical factors: a) physical factors are elements of the natural environment and not add to the organism is nothing alien. b) physical factors have sanogenic (health-improving) and…

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Homemade beauty recipes - Folk remedies and folk recipes
Every woman at least once in your life try to make a mask or something similar for the face and body with their hands. Some people prefer to use the…

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Folk remedies beautye

In the ancient times, it was our grandmothers and great-grandmothers chemicals to strengthen the hair. But the problem apparently still are, judging by the number of folk masks and recipes that have reached us. Everything created by nature, is fraught with useful qualities and properties. For centuries people have them examine and record the miraculous recipes. Why don’t we take them on Board? What could be better than people’s hair masks from natural ingredients?

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At all times thick hair signified the truth of beauty and good health. Not only the fairer sex, whose MOP of luxurious was the exclusive symbol of femininity, but also for men, the condition of the hair which also is important for a presentable appearance. And in this article we’ll talk about remedies for hair growth that are easy to prepare at home. Modern pharmacology offers an abundance of drugs, and cosmetology masks and balms based on chemical compounds. However, since ancient times known for the wonderful recipes for ostavalos from natural ingredients, medicinal herbs and plants, which not only accelerate hair growth but also make them thick and shiny.

According to statistics, dandruff causes discomfort every fifth person on Earth. Is dandruff a disease? Let’s face it.

The main cause of dandruff is the activity of microscopic fungus called Malassezia Furtur (aka Pityrosporum Ovale). This organism lives on the skin of the body and head constantly, and may not do any harm. But in violation of the functions of the sebaceous glands creates favorable conditions for the growth of parasitic fungus, which is eating sebum and leads to the appearance of small flakes – dandruff. In medicine this disease is called seborrheic dermatitis. Causes of seborrhea disease, and hence the dandruff. It can be external shocks, environmental pollution, poor hair care, abuse of varnish, gels, hair dye. Even cold winter weather with insufficient protection of the scalp promotes dandruff. Internal disturbances in the body also can contribute to dandruff: hormonal, nervous, immune, infectious diseases, genetic predisposition, food allergies, poor diet with lack of vitamins, stress and fatigue. Dandruff and seborrhea, is different. If you have dry scalp flakes of dry, white-gray in color and well exfoliated. When oily scalp dandruff is oily type, yellowish and hardly separated from the skin. This dandruff is called stearin.

How to get rid of dandruff?

Crow’s feet are sometimes also called mashinkami. It sounds nice, but better still to somehow do without them, using, for example, in one of the following recipes.