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Beauty recipes from different countries
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Women’s healing: practices of the wise promatura

♡ In healing power than women?

♡ How and what we treat? Where to get the power to heal?

♡ The essence of healing rituals and practices;

♡ Prepare women to healing;

♡ How to treat, without taking the disease on himself and not losing strength?

♡ Healing practice;

♡ Traditions of energy healing;

♡ Safety (how to clean after a session of healing)

♡ In any circumstances to practice healing?

♡ Some people cannot heal?

Women have always healed people, helped, knew the spells and rituals. Perhaps each generation is Responsible for a woman with a special gift!

Now we rarely resort to healing, because under the Windows of full of pharmacies that allow you to quickly remove the symptoms of disease. We have forgotten that illness is a sign of our body that something in our life we do not so that. possible. not quite going his way! The woman, possessing the gift of healing, can see the cause of disease and work with the roots of the situation, she can not only heal the body but mainly it treats the mind, setting it to the necessary vibration.

But in order to help, the woman herself must be aligned with the powerful cosmic and Divine vibrations. How to do, how to prepare yourself for this, we will talk on the webinar.

If You think that not every woman is able to heal, then You are sadly mistaken.I know for sure, every woman has a gift, he just needs to disclose certain practices and lifestyle.

Whether you need healing for every woman?

Do You have children, You don’t want to stuff with medicines;

You want to improve yourself and to live in a state of physical and emotional health;

You want to help yourself and loved ones to overcome the karmic lessons that come through the body;

You want to be independent from chemical industry and pharmacy;

You want to feel your power and be the conductor of the divine energy;

You want to feel the connection with the Great Goddesses and their energies;

You want to seal your energy field and to gain the protection of the Goddesses.

In General the reasons very, very much! I will also tell some very interesting stories from my life and my friends are healers who will show You how much the Goddess protective of their conductor.

Program facilitator: Julia Sudakova – women’s coach (over hundreds of programs), lecturer (more than 20 copyright webinars and online Demchenkov), and founder of the Women’s Sangha . founder of the Studio of harmonious development of personality “AtmAsfera”, astrologer (over 2000 consultations with women), psychologist, master of the Radha Tantra, the cosmoenergy healer. Happy woman, wife and mother.