Carefully fish pangasius.
CAREFULLY PANGASIUS. Appeared on the shelves called Bass or the sole.(Pangasius) This fish originates from South America (Peru). There it is diluted for technical purposes. Fish meal from these fish…

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Chinese medicine treats infertility.
From ancient times to the reign of the Han dynasty, Chinese medicine successfully treats male and female infertility . using traditional folk methods. How are struggling with infertility in China…

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Homemade beauty recipes – Folk remedies and folk recipes

Every woman at least once in your life try to make a mask or something similar for the face and body with their hands. Some people prefer to use the purchase funds, and who trusts solely their beauty of nature.

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Recipe 1 – eye mask from grated potatoes

This ancient recipe. Try it women and girls argue that these potato lotion for eyes miraculously cope with puffiness, bags, dark circles under the eyes and other signs of daily fatigue. The mask is prepared very simply: potatoes cleaned, rubbed on a fine grater, folds into a cloth bag and applied to the eyes for 15-20 minutes. Try – the result will surprise you.

Recipe 2 – face mask of oatmeal and sour cream

Cereal should be put through a meat grinder or grind in a coffee grinder. Then add sour cream and apply the mixture on your face for about 20 minutes. Then rinse the mask with warm water. Its efficiency you will feel after the first procedure. The skin becomes soft and silky, complexion is equalized.

Recipe 3 – banana face mask with sour cream for décolleté and chest

For this mask will need 2-3 slices of banana and 2 tablespoons of sour cream (maximum). Warming up the banana and add sour cream. The mask is applied to the chest and neck for 20 minutes.This is the best time to spend lying on the couch or bed. Then the mask is removed, apply normal cream or oil. Skin after this procedure just shines.

Recipe 4 coffee body scrub

Coffee body scrub – one of the best. He will easily give odds to even sugar, salt, and buckwheat osanobu scrubs. Coffee grounds mixed with sour cream (you can use cream, oil, etc.). Apply this fragrant scrub in a circular motion on a steamed skin and left for a few minutes (2-5 minutes), then washed off. After coffee scrub the skin very soft and smooth. Don’T even need to apply any creams.