Soda bath cellulite – traditional recipes of beauty
Only twenty minutes in a soda bath, will not just get rid of a few pounds of excess weight, calm your mind by eliminating negative emotions, but also to normalize…

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Traditional recipes of beauty. Flowers and cosmetics
It's no secret that a large number of plants used as folk cosmetics at all occasions. For skin For acne on the face use following extract: St. John's wort (part…

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Traditional medicine


The problem of improving potency, it is highly relevant today, bothered men since time immemorial. Therefore, in the recipes of traditional medicine has accumulated many tools and ways to solve this problem. In the first place is, of course, herbal medicine – herbal medicine. The second one was the improvement in potency through food. Well, and the third water treatments and some quite creative ways to improve male strength.

Herbal medicine

To improve the potency with medicinal plants infusions and tinctures need to be taken sistematicheski. Intermittent reception is likely to be ineffective.

To improve the potency of folk medicine offers the use of both individual herbs and fees. In the recipes means the use of dried herbs.

The use of certain herbs

Ginseng. This is a highly efficient, recognized as an ancient aphrodisiac (a substance stimulating love and passion). The root of the wild ginseng available for few, but and drugstore tincture of ginseng root grown in plantations, helps men to cope with temporary weakness. 30-40 drops of tincture to drink (water ) in the morning, and repeat in the afternoon. Treatment can be very long, with side effects not observed.

Dubrovnik. This herb is used in form of infusion: 5 tablespoons of herbs Dubrovnik, brewed with boiling water (one Cup), 3/4 normanstone hours. Prepared broth 1 drink per day in 3-4 reception. To be treated Dubrovnik is two weeks.

St. John’s wort. Widely known and popular herb has the ability to increase the hyperemia of the pelvic organs. To improve the potency you can drink an infusion of St. John’s wort: pour Cup boiling water grass in the amount of two tablespoons and insist 1 hour; 1 drink per day in 3 divided doses. Also popular infused vodka: dry grass pour vodka in the ratio 1:5; after 7-day infusion, can take the remedy in a single dose of 40 drops; For 1 day, the reception is repeated 3 times.