Taraxacum officinale - medicinal properties, used in folk medicine
Dandelion Taraxacum officinale - (ordinary) belongs to the family Asteraceae and is a perennial. Distributed throughout the former Soviet Union, except the Arctic. It grows in meadows and fields, groves,…

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What's the use of exotic feijoa?
In November, the stores appear unsightly to look at, but extremely tasty and flavorful fruit feijoa. What's the use? Feijoa reminds of both pineapple and strawberries. However, contrary to popular…

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Traditional Chinese medicine

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Recommendations for use of prescriptions of Chinese medicine.

How best to take the medicine from the herbs prepared at home to achieve maximum effect?

If the disease manifests in the upper part of the body (head, chest, throat), the medication should be taken in small portions. In this case, the medicine is quickly absorbed into the esophagus and rapidly enters the blood.

When the disease occurs in middle and lower torso, the medicine recommended to take large portions at small intervals, so that it is immediately received into the stomach.

In diseases that manifest in middle and upper body (shortness of breath, pallor, etc.), the medication should be taken after meals.

When the disease manifests itself in the lower part (swelling of the feet, etc.), the medication should be taken before meals.

In diseases of the extremities (hands and feet) is necessary at least once a week to starve.

When does bone marrow disease, needs abundant food for the night.

Recommendations for prema means of Chinese medicine

Five abuse food to avoid

Sliptreamed a lot of salty food, then blood vessels lose their elasticity, you receive watery eyes eyes and color.

If you eat a lot of bitter foods appear dry and peeling skin and increased hair loss.

If you eat a lot of spicy food, then this is bad for the tendons and nails to become fragile and brittle.

If you eat a lot of acidic food, the muscles appear painful knots and cracks on the lips.

If you eat very many sugary foods, pain in bones and joints, begin to lose hair.

Five of prohibitions in the diet that should be followed

In diseases of the blood can not eat too much salty food.

With bone disease can not eat too much bitter foods.

With the weakening of the body can not eat too much spicy food.

In diseases of the tendons can not eat too many acidic food.

For muscle diseases can not eat too much sweet food.

Menu of Chinese traditional medicine.