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Taraxacum officinale – medicinal properties, used in folk medicine


Taraxacum officinale – (ordinary) belongs to the family Asteraceae and is a perennial. Distributed throughout the former Soviet Union, except the Arctic. It grows in meadows and fields, groves, roads and near dwellings, as the well-known weeds.

Dandelion contains a bitter substance, taraxacin, insulin, saponin and vitamins A and C, so it is no wonder that this plant has a wide therapeutic use, especially in traditional medicine.

In scientific medicine used only dandelion roots, and even then, only to restore appetite, for relieving constipation, or as a cholagogue.

In folk medicine used as the roots and leaves of dandelion. In the spring, when the shortage of vitamin, consumed in the form of salads fresh young dandelion leaves.

In pulmonary diseases drugs on the basis of the dandelion are used as a good expectorant.

Dandelion heals the effects of diseases of the liver and stomach in particular hemorrhoids all inflammatory processes of the intestines and stomach.

Dandelion stimulates generally the metabolism in the body, tea it helps not only the digestive organs and also treats radiculitis, joint disease, rheumatism, arthritis.

And yet it is a powerful ammeublement, which tones the human body after severe infectious diseases.

Based on the research of traditional medicine, scientists concluded that dandelion has a bacteriostatic effect on the tubercle Bacillus.

Folk and scientific medicine claims that the dandelion treats diabetes in its initial stage, and in the treatment of diabetes of the second and third stage serves as an aid in the treatment of pancreatic cancer – those internal “islets” that produce insulin.

Dandelion contains folic acid, which is a hematopoietic vitamin, the lack of which in the body can cause pernicious anemia. And when the treatment is fresh juice of dandelion is an indispensable tool.

Also pretty dandelion is widely used in the treatment of urolithiasis. In the course of treatment is improving the function of the kidneys and bladder, are excreted stones – they seem to crumble into sand and are so easy to come out with urine from the body that the person may not even feel renal colic.

And that’s just some of the medical properties possessed by this plant. We sincerely hope that knowing more about dandelion, You will use it to its full extent in order to be healthy.