Vanity. Healing The Servant Of God, L.! And we live here in the monastery, where all and in all obey monastic Charter, including in food. And this seems to be…

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Treatment of joints in China: traditional medicine
Recently has become popular in the treatment of joint diseases in China. This is because it is the first time Chinese were able to successfully combine Eastern and Western methods…

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What’s the use of exotic feijoa?

In November, the stores appear unsightly to look at, but extremely tasty and flavorful fruit feijoa.

What’s the use?

Feijoa reminds of both pineapple and strawberries. However, contrary to popular opinion, the taste got feijoa from nature, and did not appear thanks to the scientists-breeders. Homeland feijoa – South America. And the unusual name of the plant received in honor of its discoverer, scientist Silva Feijo. It was he who discovered hitherto unknown shrub in the forests of Brazil and feijoa was brought to Europe. The Europeans immediately dubbed the pineapple guava strawberry tree, and then the plant has spread almost all over the planet. It turned out that feijoa feels good in the Caucasus, it grows in Georgia and Armenia, but the best are the fruits from New Zealand. This country is firmly in the world’s leaders in the cultivation and export of feijoa. New Zealand fruit larger than their counterparts on the continent there are no dangerous for feijoa pests, so the farmers no need to water the plants chemistry. However, from whatever profit the fruit of the strawberry tree, doubts in their favor there.

The main advantage of feijoa – the abundance of iodine. The content of this trace element overseas the fruit can compete even with seafood. Only 2-3 berries feijoa meet daily requirement of iodine for the organism. Moreover, iodine in the fruits of feijoa is contained in water soluble, not associated with other elements of the form, Soit is easy to digest. Due to the high content of iodine feijoa indispensable on the tables of those who have problems with thyroid gland, and very useful to knowledge workers, students during exam periods.

However iodine is not the only value of tropical plants. Vitamin C in pineapple guava not much less than the citrus, and because green fruits can be a great preventive measure in the autumn of colds and the flu epidemic. Moreover, in addition to askorbinki in the fruit feijoa is quite rare a lot of vitamin e, without which most of the vitamin C is simply not absorbed by the body.

Gotta love feijoa and those who have problems with the heart and blood vessels. Due to its abundance of pectin, this berry reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, cleans the vessel from plaque formation and protects against atherosclerosis. In addition, the feijoa fruits have the property to lower blood pressure. In folk medicine, the fruits of feijoa is used for the prevention of kidney diseases, gastritis, varicose veins.

Feijoa is indispensable in the menu of the inhabitants of large cities and those who are often forced to suffer from stress. Tropical berry is full of antioxidants which help the body to resist the adverse environment. And the number of substances that can lift the spirits, feijoa can compete with such “recognized antidepressant” as bitter chocolate.