Folk treatment – traditional medicine
Throughout the history of mankind people used to treat illnesses home remedies and recipes. These traditional methods are time-tested, most effective of them passed down from generation to generation, from…

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What treatment folk remedies will be effective for varicose veins on legs?
If you have varicose veins on legs treatment of folk remedies can be an effective solution to the problem. However, in severe cases without the aid of a physician is…

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Banana peel Popular recipes of folk medicine

Banana peel

Banana peel can be successfully used in the treatment of certain ailments. Residents of the Central and Equatorial Africa dried peel of these fruits in a shaded well-ventilated places, but only one that has no dark spots. Suitable is considered the peel, preserved after drying green, Golden-yellow color; however, it can acquire a slightly brownish tint. The dry raw material Africans are ground into a powder, which has been stored in jars in a cool dark place. Use it for the treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases, namely to expel intestinal worms — either round (pinworms, ascarids) and tape. Patients take it on the tip of the knife up to 5 times a day, definitely before meals. Especially effective is the original remedy in the healing of children.

In folk medicine of South America banana peel is used as a remedy for bruises. It is applied to the affected place inside.

American doctors the banana peel is recommended as a folk remedy against plantar warts. To the affected area it is applied, as to bruise the inner side. The procedure was repeated until the disappearance of warts.

Another simple “banana” recipe that allows you to quickly get rid of the splinters that you cannot pull any improvised accessories like tweezers. Need a night to tie to the place where the pain, a strip of fresh peel inside to the skin. In the morning the splinter will be on the surface and then it can be easily pick up with forceps or tweezers. If necessary, the procedure should be repeated — this may happen if a splinter has gotten into a roughly textured skin, for example, in the heel. Best helps peel a ripe yellow banana, which has already appeared brown spots or stripes.

Enough to make fresh, not damaged skin to the eyes at some time, suffered from bright flashes of gazoelektrosvarschik people got rid from pain and inflammation.