All kinds of alternative medicine
The company "Global Consulting Certus" is a coordinating center in the field of diagnosis and treatment in advanced and leading clinics of South Korea. Our company provides full range of…

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Green tea benefits and healing properties.
There are many narrations that speak of the origin of green tea. The birthplace of tea consider southwest China. The discovery of tea is attributed to the healer Shen, Nunu,…

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What is Theta healing and how it works ThetaHealing(tm)?

The technology is based on the ability of a theta healer to enter a special state when the brain is in the Theta wave. In the Theta state, a person

connected to the Source of All things or, in other words, with the Creative Energy that creates all things.

In the Theta state, a theta healer has immense power because connected to the Source of All Things. There is an opportunity to make instant healing of diseases, to change negative programs and beliefs at all levels, to see inside the human body, to see the future, to materialize the desired…

Theta state has been known since ancient times. For example, in Hawaii the Kahuna used it for walking on hot lava.

In the Theta state, Your consciousness expands and changes the perception of the world.

When Your consciousness is one with the consciousness of the Creator, You are free from the constraints of ego, of duality, of limitations of human consciousness, free from illusions that you must suffer and sacrifice.

Using ThetaHealing(tm), you can find a deep negative programs that inhibit Your success, prevent material abundance, create sickness or trouble.

Some people know what their fears and doubts, limiting beliefs interfere with their well-being. But lucid program is only the surface.Experience shows that in ordinary life people are not aware of the negative programs, representing the root of his problems.

Once the key negative program detected, practitioner ThetaHealing(tm) is connected to the Source of everything and gives the command to remove and replace negative programs on effective.

Then practice ThetaHealing(tm) shows that an older program is removed and

replaced with a new one. In this moment there is instant healing or change.

Similarly, are healing disease. The emergence of diseases is connected not only with the food and the environment. In most cases, physical diseases are associated with the emotions we feel, what we think or say.

Our emotions and beliefs directly affect the state of the physical body, creating disease.