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The advantages of physical factors:

a) physical factors are elements of the natural environment and not add to the organism is nothing alien.

b) physical factors have sanogenic (health-improving) and homeostatic (balancing) action and have a coaching effect for prophylactic use.

b) complete lack of sensitization of the organism and toxicity.

d) good compatibility with drugs. In some cases, physical therapy potentiates and multiplies the effect of drugs.

d) has the effect of aftereffect. The specific effect of physiotherapeutic procedures is the prolonged aftereffect: long-term results of physiotherapy in most cases better immediate results.

e) treatment of physical factors does not cause pain or discomfort.

Applied therapeutic effects:

1) low-Frequency magnetotherapy

Therapeutic effects:

• immunomodulirutee;

• hypotensive, smooth muscle relaxation due to the muscle walls of the blood vessels and relieve cramps as a result of the normalization of neurohumoral regulation;

• activates the regeneration of tissues and blood vessels, including reportunusedelement;

• pain relief and improvement of psychophysical and emotional state, normalization of sleep;

• powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous action;

• improvement of microcirculation, peripheral blood flow and lymph flow;

• stimulation of hematopoiesis;

• activation of links in the sympathoadrenal and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal systems.

The influence of a magnetic field, as a rule, does not cause formation of endogenous heat, fever and irritation of the skin.

There is good tolerability in debilitated patients, elderly patients suffering from concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system that allows to apply the device in many cases, when the impact of some other physical factors not shown.

The advantages of the magnetic field:

• may be recommended at any age.

• immuno – correcting;

• anti-sclerotic (reduces the coefficient of atherogenic, reduces blood viscosity);

• antioxidant;

• desensitizing;

• antispasmodic;

• wegetocorrigiruta;

The benefits of low level laser therapy

• the possibility of application even in the acute phase of inflammation and in the early postoperative period;

• a wide range of therapeutic effects;

• the almost complete absence of side effects, allergic reactions peculiar influence of pharmacological agents;

• the possibility of using laser therapy in combination with conventional treatments (local and General action);

• contactless, asepsis application.