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Traditional recipes of beauty: what every woman needs to know

This every woman needs to know when preparing care products for face and body at home.

It has long been no secret that the masks in home preparation of more useful and more effective. Plus, they are very easy to prepare and affordable. But not everyone knows how to cook, and actually, what foods are good for skin.

You should pay attention in the preparation of cosmetics according to popular recipes?

1. Before you do, think, do you have any allergies components. Even if it means all praise and you are allergic to any ingredient should not use it, you can always find a different method of care.

2. Homemade beauty products are not stored for a long time. For example, herbal infusions can be stored for more than 2 days, and the ice about a week (then it loses its healing properties).

3. Please note! Hair masks are made in a glass container, as the other is just going to provoke the reaction between the components. Yes, if you have porcelain, which can also be used.

4. As for herbal infusions, brew them in a porcelain bowl or an enamelled saucepan.

5. You should not approach the cooking of the recipe lightly. Listen/read to what type of hair or skin to make this mask. Is applied to the skin (or hair),so if you don’t correct something read or heard – this can lead to a bad result.

Skin care at home

Of course, many girls and women give much attention to their skin. And rightly so, because the environment is so negative it affects, plus your way of life (which is probably not the most correct) also affects it. If the skin does not appear to care pimples, wrinkles before your time, and your skin will start to peel off. Therefore, use different herbs decoctions for washing .

For example, oily skin will suit a decoction of chamomile, calendula, Hypericum, burdock, sage and cornflower.

If the skin is normal . you’ll like the decoctions of nettle and mother-and-stepmother.

When the skin is dry . you need to use decoctions of rose petals, Jasmine, parsley and mint.

Also remember about masks. They will also help to care for the skin. Again, carefully read the recipe and follow the instructions. Don’t need activities, for example: keep the mask longer than the specified time. The result might disappoint the redness on the skin, well, if they’ll go quickly.

The basic rules you know, it remains to find the recipes, buy the ingredients (maybe they already are) and to prepare a miracle-a mask or a decoction!