Age spots: treatment of folk remedies
Probably there is no person who would not faced with the problem of age spots. What are age spots and why they appear? If your body's increased concentration of melanin,…

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How to care for your hair, or Folk remedies for beautiful hair
Let your hair will be beautiful! Every girl wants to be beautiful, and beautiful hair makes us attractive and cute. The majority of mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth faced…

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Traditional healers methods of treatment of diseases

Every city has its bright folk healers who help sick, suffering people. These people, as they themselves claim, are intermediaries, i.e. through prayer, with faith in God you can overcome any disease.

All diseases that come to us, are the result of our mistakes in life. Here did you notice if the person complains of a stomach, it is usually said that does not digest all. The touchy and sad person hurt the kidneys, the thief always problems with his hands. A person who is afraid to remain without help, suffering feet. Heart hurts ill people. Skin problems occur when the person is not able to communicate with people. Hatred of men leads to diseases of the genital organs. Hatred of parents can lead to premature death. Many diseases can be avoided simply by changing your character

Water is a repository of information, and Holy water – Holy repository of information. If man is evil, give him Holy water, it will become easier. Herbs that you find in his garden, can restore health. So one man did. Now he doesn’t need pills. Take a good guide, read the characteristics of your plants that you grow, and you will discover a new world.

Read more prayers, when you pray, your destiny is cleared. We are not immune from errors, but still need to pray. Hodiev the Church. When you stand at icons, low bow to the Holy man on this icon, and light a Holy man will move to you. Visit Holy places frequently, you will gradually be released from a state of illness.

Animals are wonderful healers. They give us their love, loyalty. Pets protect us, bring joy, take on our negative energy. Holy people have always fed birds and animals. They said that the birds devoured the sins of man, and he who feeds the animals will never starve. These tips are simple and anyone can apply them in your life

The great power of nature and good music affects mental health, heals, gives strength, positive charges. Open your heart to people, we suffer, when closed in his shell and doesn’t hear other people. Diseases given to man, that man was cleansed. Holy people get sick, too, because taking on strange diseases, strange negativity. Your health is in your hands!