Animals are treated
Dogs and cats treated people According to statistics, people who live in the house a cat or a dog, less likely to turn to doctors. Do you have a tenant?…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants
At present everything connected with agriculture, cause the people looking for a source of income, incredible hype. It is believed that this area is very promising for the organization of…

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My favorite traditional recipes of beauty

I have a few favorite recipes for self-care, which I picked up several years. I use them with pleasure. And they bring results. Today I want to share a favorite recipe with you, dear readers.


I use the hair mask of rye bread. For me this is the most effective way to make your hair shiny and lush. I sometimes feed hair burdock oil, but rye bread is my favorite hair mask.

I take ¼ of a loaf of bread from rye flour. And, I only use the pulp. Crochu bread finely and pour very boiling water. When my mash has cooled to a warm state, I apply it on the hair. Got half an hour, and sometimes more.

And then just wash away with shampoo, which is usually my head. After the mask I try to dry hair naturally, in this day, I don’t use a Hairdryer.

For the face

For face care I have some popular recipes. Here are my most favorite.

Daily I use cucumber for my face was in good shape. When there is no time, then I cut cucumber slice and just wipe your face with it. When I don’t need to hurry, I RUB the cucumber on a grater and apply on face. Keep this mask minutes 7-10. Then rinse your face with cool water.

In order to prevent inflammation on the skin, I use a mask of Apple and honey. This mask also helps pimples from appearing. I fresh Apple RUB on a grater, mix with honey and apply to the sore areas of your face. Keep this mixture for 15 minutes. Then wash with warm water. I do it in the evenings. On the morning of the inflammation becomes less. Repeat until the pimples disappear. To prevent doing this mask 2 times a week.

But my face always look fresh, I use a mint infusion. I take 2 tablespoons of mint – fresh or dry, pour it with boiling water, one Cup. Mint insist about half an hour. Then use in the morning cleanser. Part of the present I freeze in molds for ice. This ice I wipe down my face when I need to quickly freshen up.

For hands and feet

My hands and feet always look great. I’m doing them a bath, which softens and regenerates the skin.

In warm water I dissolved the baking soda and salt. Proportion of one liter of 1 teaspoon. Hands and feet I got in the bath for about 15 minutes. Then I grease a regular baby cream and put on cotton gloves and socks. Do this procedure 2 times a week. This is enough to get my hands and feet looked fine.

What traditional recipes of beauty like you? Share your favorite recipes?