Carefully fish pangasius.
CAREFULLY PANGASIUS. Appeared on the shelves called Bass or the sole.(Pangasius) This fish originates from South America (Peru). There it is diluted for technical purposes. Fish meal from these fish…

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Chinese and folk medicine
Acupuncture with bloodletting In traditional Eastern medicine are used so-called small bloodletting, which has some significant differences from the usual bloodletting, conducted by venesection or venipuncture superficial veins of the…

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Folk treatment – traditional medicine

Throughout the history of mankind people used to treat illnesses home remedies and recipes. These traditional methods are time-tested, most effective of them passed down from generation to generation, from mothers to daughters and from grandmothers to grandchildren. Grass growing on the vegetable garden, can be more valuable than expensive imported drugs, not to mention the price. Moreover, the basis for many modern medicines are extracts from plants, substances of vegetable origin or of nature.

Conventional medicine has always belonged to “competitors” with suspicion, was often accused of quackery, despite proof and evidence of newly gained health patients. We in any case do not reject the official medicine and not opposed to her folk remedies. If you need emergency surgery, you should not wait and rely on traditional methods. However, home remedies often successfully replace medications. But, again, the treatment they require much longer courses usually range from one to three months, do not expect instant results. The best option is a reasonable combination of popular treatments and technologies, forces and means of modern medicine.

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